Land Ho!

Hired by a mysterious benefactor, Seraph, to act as bodyguards to places unknown; a ragtag group of adventurers quickly learn that the job is much larger than any of them could have expected.

No sooner had the group come together than they were forced to flee the doomed city of Peipom, as it was ripped apart by earthquakes and a volcanic eruption. If that were not enough, members of a mysterious cult (The Eye of Thoth) pursue relentlessly, singling out the adventurers from the throngs of those others trying to escape the catastrophe. Hounded and ambushed again and again, the adventurers made it to the port, aboard The Várka (also known as “The At Least It Floats”), and out into the sea.

But still, the cult pursues.

What drives their unrelenting chase? What item, knowledge, or such must Seraph possess to inspire the constant hounding? Is it true that The Eye of Thoth was responsible for the destruction of Peipom? Can our heroes escape the seeming inexhaustible supply of cultists?

Read on to explore the answers to these and more adventures for the crew of The Várka.

The Voyage of The Várka

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